The Station is a multimedia journalism project created by myself and two classmates in JMC 435, Latino Transnational Issues.

The long form project takes a look at the journeys of those who are dropped off at the Greyhound bus station at 24 Street and Buckeye Road after being released from detention by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It includes photos, interactive graphics, audio and a 2000 word story.

View the project here.

station02 station03

Phoenix Does Art is a curated website showcasing different art-centered events in the Phoenix-Scottsdale-Tempe area. It was created by myself and three other classmates from JMC 305, Online Media.

Each group member was responsible for a different section of the site, and I was responsible for the music-related content.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.05.30 PM

The Fall 2014 semester gave me the opportunity to take a graphic design for print and web class. Below are a few examples of the work I have completed in that class, as well as work I have completed because of the knowledge I gained in that class. Clicking the images will give you a large image to view.



Magazine Layout

magazine thumbnail



Triad App Design + Ideation

HistorCity1  mobile site designin app design historcity 2



Event poster (photo background courtesy of Denise Hawken-Collins)



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